About Us

Titli, butterfly in hindi, is an ethno-chic, boho and feminine brand of appareal and accessories. We seek inspiration in travels, mostly in India, and in meeting the local artisans.

Each collection is first designed in Milan and then produced following fair trade values in India by skilled craftsmen with whom we create relationships based on trust and trasparency.

Between design and production a fundamental step, maybe the more stimulating, is the research of fabrics and materials. Among Delhi, Jaipur and various local markets we find those fabbrics with vibrant colors and countless prints that every season will give life to the new collection. Often a print can’t be replicated and this makes a garment unique or a line a limited edition.

We propose a contemporary style in balance between modern design and ancient techniques with which is created.

We believe in a fashion of quality but affordable, suistanable and that both grandaughters and grandmothers would love.